"she said she knew she was able to fly because when she came down she always had dust on her fingers from touching the light bulbs." emma, 16, indiana

I talked to Julian the longest I had him sign my Mary’s Voice album and he laughed when he saw Jeff’s signature on it and I said Jeff just took it from me and signed it without question and he said ‘well he played a chair on it so he can sign it too.’ I also told him I liked his shirt and he said ‘believe it or not I have five of these. They just give them to me now.’ And I told him that I could believe it because he wears them a lot in pictures and that they look really clean for him to only have one. He found that funny and laughed a lot. I also asked about the Music Tapes and the Orbiting Human Circus and he told me he stayed up until 4 am the night before to finish working on the new radio program and that it airs in September so to get excited because he’s really excited!

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    Julian Koster is one of the best human beings
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